3rd Transnational Project Meeting Naples, Italy


Naples, 7/05/2018

The 3rd Partners’ Meeting of the project “PLANETISE: Practical Learning for Action & Networking via an Educational Tool, Inspiring Study of Environment” took place on 7 May 2018 in Naples (Napoli), Italy.

The meeting gathered the representatives of the partner organizations who are implementing the project “PLANETISE” with the aim to review and discuss the achievements so far, what still needs to be done during the following months, highlight and plan the next steps and discuss the ongoing and upcoming outputs and deliverables of the project.

During the meeting, Ordu University (Turkey), as partner of the project, presented the Final Comparative Needs Analysis Report which outlines the background situation regarding environmental problems and needs in each partner country, explores the existing and used training and learning opportunities and pedagogic tools that are available for young people and with regard to environmental education and gathers the environmental policies and strategies applied in each partner country. The Final Comparative Needs Analysis Report defines the extent to which the existing “Planetbook game” will be revised and adapted per each partner country.

At the same time, the revised “Planetbook game Methodology” and the “Planetbook Trainer’s Kit” were presented by KEAN, as the first and original developer of the Planetbook Game methodology and discussed at great length among the partners, while the 1st cycle of the Small-Scale Training Sessions took place at “Villa Comunale”, the most prominent and visible park in Naples (Napoli), where 12 Youth Trainers got prepared and trained on the “Planetbook Game tools”.

During this meeting, partners also decided on important issues including the date of the next Transnational Project Meeting which will take place in Funchal in Portugal and will be hosted by ASCAJ Association.

Stay tuned for the upcoming activities and news of the project PLANETISE, which will be launched very soon!



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