Environmental education represents a novel concept that is little promoted among young people and youth organizations in the partner countries of the project PLANETISE. Although, education in the environmental field presents initiatives and important work, the researches show that the phenomenon of climate change is globally related to lack of cross-country exchange of knowledge in the environmental issues. What is more, initiatives that have been undertaken to encourage environmentally friendly behaviours tend to be on small scale, rarely reach large numbers of the target group and are unlikely to be provided through the formal education system. One of the most effective ways to reach and influence people is through interactive and informal methods such as educational games.

PLANETISE project brings together different partners who connect mainly youth education with environment and the climate change, active citizenship and the increase of awareness. The most important is the cooperation between youth participants and youth leaders/representatives of youth organizations. PLANETISE is linked with “The Planetbook Game Tool”, which is the core of the project and can develop transversal skills such as collaboration, networking, digital literacy, experimentation, communication, problem solving, decision making and participation skills and can make environmental education more motivational and interactive.

Project Description

PLANETISE Project (Practical Learning for Action and Networking via an Educational Tool, Inspiring Study of Environment) aims to encourage young people to take part in political and social fields such as protecting the environment, being active citizens and fighting against the climate change at local, national, European and global level.

The project introduces new learning and teaching approaches and methods, as well as innovative pedagogies, thus making environmental education more engaging, interactive and effective and provides young people with new tools for gaining social values, learning about natural environment, raising their awareness of issues impacting the environment and actions we can take to improve and sustain it and being more responsible towards it.

The project’s innovation is that it offers an attractive, teaching and successfully tested educational tool - “The Planetbook Game Tool”, adapted to the different national settings and needs of the partner countries, including an e-platform enabling social media communication.

Project’s objectives:

  • Implementing a pedagogical and motivational methodology that maximises youth learning and understanding of the environment and motivation to care for it, while developing transversal skills;
  • Providing youth organizations with innovative tools for teaching environmental education to young people;
  • Motivating young people in order to gain social values and a deep interest in the protection of the environment and encourage them to actively participate in its protection and improvement;
  • Promoting youth participation and active citizenship by developing sense of responsibility and taking note of the urgent need to pay attention to environmental problems;
  • Transferring and sharing knowledge across partner countries;

Target Groups

  1. Youth Leaders / Representatives of youth organisations active in the field of environment, youth, sustainability, energy;
  2. Educational Institutions (including Ministries, Regional Inspectorates of Education, Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water);
  3. VET trainers and organisations;
  4. NGOs and community centres;
  5. Schools and Eco clubs;
  6. Youth Workers;
  7. Universities and Colleges.

Partners & Contacts

Phone & E-mail

+90 442 231 11 11 / INFO@PLANETISE.EU



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