[themeum_text_info img_class=”text-center” title=”Do you want to be part of Planetise?” title_text_heading=”h3″ title_font_size=”30″ title_font_weight=”” title_color=”#e09628″ title_padding=”20px 0px 20px 0px” subtitle=”Send us a message with your data and get informed!” subtitle_text_heading=”h4″ subtitle_text_align=”left” subtitle_font_weight=”400″ subtitle_color=”#4c4c4c” text1=”Planetise Project aims to encourage young people to take part in political and social fields such as protecting the environment, being active citizens and fighting against the climate change at local, national, European and global level.” text_text_align=”left” text_font_size=”16″ text_font_weight=”” text_color=”#606060″]
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