The Project: Planetise

Practical Learning for Action and Networking via an Educational Tool, Inspiring Study of Environment

Youth learning

Implement a pedagogical and motivational methodology that maximizes youth learning

Youth participation

Promote youth participation and active citizenship by developing their sense of responsibility

Innovative tools

To provide youth organizations with innovative tools for learning environmental education to young people

Social values

Gain social values and a deep interest in the protection of the environment

Planetbook game

An innovative educational game about the environment and climate change, presented as board game but also and in floor version (36m2).

“Planetbook game” contains 700 questions of encyclopedic knowledge about environmental issues of our planet and international NGOs that are concerned with its protection, as well as Nature’s four basic elements that define the climate of the planet (earth, air, water and fire). Responding to the needs on Environmental Education, across partner countries, PLANETISE focuses on understanding and solving environmental problems through working on groups and taking common decisions on this sector.

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela



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